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History & Info

With the original fall of the Crystal Empire, a small selection of Unicorn-based Crystal ponies separated from the original species of Crystal Ponies by combining their magic to go into hiding. Using their magic, they were able to hide themselves into another plane of existence similar to the magic of Breezies, instead it was a place of their own design, inside of glass and mirrors.

Here, instead of being frozen in time along with their crystal brethren, they were able to survive and pass the time as normal ponies do. Though, they continued to keep themselves separate even from their cousins under the rule of Celestia and Luna. These unicorns were afraid, and kept to themselves for many years among their glass homes. Stained Glass windows, and mirrors, in particular allowed these ponies to look out at the world they left, simply watching.

With the return and fall of Sombra, and the Crystal Empire restored, only then did these unicorns decide to emerge back into normal society as best they could. Though sadly, being alone for so long inside their own realm changed them after so many years of generations born inside their glass realm. Their bodies taking on mirror or glass-like quality rather than crystal like their original brothers and sisters.

Their original crystal bodies had evolved to adapt more to their home, nearly completely losing their original rainbow shine. Not only were their bodies much weaker now, but they are very fragile in nature.

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Sadly, since I really just do not have the time anymore to completely focus
on this species like I originally wanted to, (Before my new job), I have decided
to make this a semi-open species.


What does this mean for you?

This means, for yourself, or as a *GIFT* to another person, you are allowed to make
a Looking Glass Pony, with Unlimited Common Traits, and a Single Uncommon Trait.

Please refer to this journal for trait info:
LGP - Species Info:star: Basic Species Info:
- Looking Glass Ponies can only be Unicorns.
- Earth, Pegasi, and Alicorns do not exist in this species.
- Looking Glass Ponies often have frail-looking, small, petite bodies.
- An athletic/strong looking Glass Pony is seen as :bulletred: Rare.
- Looking Glass Ponies are able to breed with other ponies.
- Species traits can only show up in Unicorn foals.
- The Looking Glass Ponies gene is not dominate and will be rare between differing parents.
- For a Unicorn foal to be born with the Looking Glass gene as dominate, is :bulletred: Rare.
- Basic Glass Attributes: :bulletgreen: Common
- Small Mirror Attributes: :bulletblue: Uncommon
- Major Mirror Attributes: :bulletred: Rare
(Basically, the more Mirror effect, the more :bulletred: Rare.)
- Looking Glass ponies can be varying different colors.
- Light Pale Colors are :bulletgreen: Common.
- Clear or Semi-Clear gla

You can create as many as you like, as long as these simple rules are followed.

This is *NOT* so you can make adopts to sell. You can make ponies of this species for
yourself, or as a gift to someone else. You can not make any personal profit off of this
for your own.

(You may, once your pony is created, commission other artists for artwork and what-not,
but for the actual *creation* of the pony in question, it is completely un-profitable.)

If you want to create an Looking Glass Pony with more than one uncommon trait, or rare traits,
your welcome to note me and we can work something out! (Mychelle)

If you are wishing to gain species-rights, where you will be allowed to make however many you want,
however many traits you want of all three (common, uncommon, rare, ect.) Ive decided to still keep those
for sale for now $10.00's. With that purchase, you are more than welcome to create and sell adopts.
This is the ONLY way you would be able to do so.

Dont forget to let me know if you make one! I'd like to at least TRY and keep track on the master list!

Happy New Year, everypony. =)

Dont forget to read our rules as well!
LGP - Rules- To trade / gift / own / re-sale, ect of a Looking Glass Pony, you must be a member of the group. This is so that we may keep up with those who own them. You are also allowed to co-own the pony between two differing parties, but only two.
- Yes you are allowed to trade / re-sale already created Looking Glass Ponies. Only for the price of the original purchase of the character. The only exception to this is if you have commissioned artwork of the character, and the price can then be raised accordingly. If not, then you may only sell for what you originally paid for the character. Adding cost to the re-sale can only be done with the acceptance of the original artists of the added artwork for the character.
- Once a MYO (Make Your Own) slot has been purchased, you may not trade or re-sale that MYO slot. Only completely created Looking Glass Ponies can be sold or traded. You may purchase a MYO slot as a gift though, as long as proper information of where the MYO slot is being gifted to is
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christmascarols Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Do you have to own a Looking Glass Pony to join the group? I intend to get one.
Mychelle Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone is welcome to join, don't have to own one! =P
StainedGlassLightHea Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I wondered if I could climb this
It is a stained glass pony 
Mychelle Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thats a very interesting character!

Though this particular group is about a very specific species of pony, but regardless, you have a neato OC there. =P
NightHowl019 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Student Artist
If you'd like hun I could help ya out in development. cx
Mychelle Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you have any ideas you are welcome to throw them my way!
NightHowl019 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Student Artist
So they have a kaleidoscope type feel but can their horns ever hit the light right to actually reflect a kaleidoscope of colors to brighten ones mood or a room.

i wonder if a pony were to be in "sculpting" they could reform the glass hoof into another species like a paw or such

can the ears of crystal tips?

what about a blind LGP or make a NPC that's blind as the creator of something

 wouod they have normal pets or pets that are similar to them?

are they capable to actually manipulate the glass at all or that's not apart of them.

More ideas to come if you want.... I just got a neat pet idea for one
Mychelle Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Their magic color, while most have a "common" color they use, can change color if they will it depending on what kind of light source they are currently using. So I am sure with the right lighting they could really put on quite the show, heh.

While they can re-sculpt their hair to a degree, I dont think they could do so as drastically with their hooves. I like to think even with the glass-like properties they still "grow" under the same rules as say our fingernails, or horse hooves. (Least, thats what I think!)

Hm....Glass tips. That could be a thing. But it couldnt be the *entire* ear. They wouldnt be able to hear otherwise. But tips? I think we can allow that as a Uncommon trait. =P

They would have normal pets sadly, in the history I wrote up for them, they only had enough magic to escape the Crystal Empire with just themselves and a few food items. (Which grew to have glass-like / gem-like effect, thus why they can eat gems.) But I would expect that while some of them would be scared to own a pet now, others might be pretty excited about owning a real kitty or other animal.

They can for the most part manipulate their own glass-like hair. Otherwise, they really only use mirrors and other glass for forms of very quick travel. =P
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Spiritburn Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
About how much are you planning to run the MyO slots? I found this group through your request to affiliate with Aquines, and I like the idea behind the species, so I'd love to purchase a spot when they are open, if I have the funds to do so =3
Mychelle Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really dont intend to charge very much at all. Somewhere between 300:points: ($3.00 worth) for a basic type with one uncommon trait. I figured that would decently fair. =P

Hm. Maybe I should go make that widget on my page...

Edit - There we go. Ive listed up a Widget over on my page. =)
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